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+38 063 735-0790
+38 048 795-0015

All offers of apartments -Apartment for rent in Odessa, booking: +38 063 735 07 90, +38 048 795 00 15
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Booking Terms - rent service in Odessa.

10 years on the domestic tourism market have allowed us to accumulate reliable partners, to create a better database of apartments and small hotels in Odessa, as well as to develop a convenient system of fast reservations.

Fast booking in three easy steps:

     Choose an object, send the order or call +38 (048) 735-07-90, - check availability for your dates*. Your order is processed instantly over the phone - because we have booking calendar of all objects.

     You need to confirm your reservation by making a deposit of daily cost of rent**, which is transmitted to the owner of real estate. Advance payment for the first night is guarantee reservation selected object for customers, and the presence of customers for the owners. (Methods of payment, see below).

     You will receive a voucher / booking confirmation on official letterhead from the agency - with the address of the apartment, contacts the owner, which is the basis for accommodation in an apartment / hotel for the selected dates. The complete calculation is performed when you are arrive to apartment / hotel - with owner, less the previously paid money (minus one night).
From your order before confirming your reservation no more than 1 hour!
          * In high season (May-October) booking of apartments is from 5 nights in low season (November-April) - from 3 nights.
          ** For short-term rental apartments (up to 3 days) on the near future perhaps the reservation on your name without deposit - one of the several suitable apartments (not a specific object). As well as when booking hotel rooms from the organization can be booking on the resident's name, with the supporting on letterhead company. full responsibility for booking facilities, and in the event of any force majeure on the part of  apartments owners, we'll replace the apartment on the similar or will refund the deposit.
    Attention, refusal by the client from the booking with return deposit is possible 14 days before the date of the rent. At a later refusal - no refunds deposit.

Payment method:

As simple as possible:
     1) On-line payment system Liqpay, accepted cards of any bank in the World:
          How to pay ? (MSWord)
     2) Make a payment to banking card account Privat Bank (for Ukraine )
           6762 4620 5024 6815 Sharko Olga
     3) Instant bank transfers are serviced by all countries *
     4) Your representative in Odessa.
     5) Ask your option.
     * Instant bank transfers are served by all banks in the world. To transfer funds you need to go to your nearest bank with proof of identity and to know the full name and city of the Recipient. Next, you will be advised money transfer control number consisting of numbers or letters, you pass it to the recipient - and within 30 minutes transfer is available for receipt. The most convenient and easy! Recipient name: Sharko Olga.
For Ukraine:
 0-800-500-00-30  ( Ukraine)

Replenishment of card accounts visa cash Privat Bank in any branch of your city (3000 outlets all over Ukraine).

Card account:
  6762 4620 5024 6815 Sharko Olga.

Commission for payment - UAH 5, regardless of the amount.

Systems of instant money transfer in the largest banks in Ukraine:

0 800 500-4-500
 ( Ukraine)
0 800 500-00-30
( Ukraine)
0 800 500-5000
( Ukraine)

Russia and CIS countries (SNG at russian), a systems of instant transfers:

8 800 555-55-50
 ( Russia)

8 800 200-42-42
 ( Russia)
8 800 333-22-44 ( Russia)
0 800 50-11-800 ( Ukraine)
8 (800) 080-25-25 ( Kazakhstan)

+7 (495) 228-14-14

8 800 333 4444  ( Russia)
0 800 502 1020 ( Ukraine)
00 800 55555 333
( Moldova, Kyrgyzstan )

For all countries, including the CIS countries, systems of instant money transfer:


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How to pay? (MSWord)
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